What Are The Different Types Of Turf?

What Are The Different Types Of Turf?

The first thing that grabs your attention when you visit any property is its lawn. Having a great garden increases the value of a property. And most people, therefore, prefer to have thick and lush green lawns on their properties. And since it is not always possible to grow natural grass using seeds, turf grass is used these days widely.  You can also buy turf from leading turf supplier .

Here are a few different varieties of turf

1. Bermuda grass

This grass is generally grown in warm seasons. It is dark green and has fine to medium leaf structure. Their root system is pervasive and deep. It can be used both for commercial and residential landscapes. You cannot grow this grass in a shady place. It requires full sun to develop. It is also suited for homes with children as it has excellent resistance to wear and tear and can withstand considerable traffic.

2. Centipede grass

This is also a warm season grass. The best part about this grass is that it requires deficient maintenance. It gives you an attractive lawn with medium to dark green color and medium to coarse texture. As opposed to bermudagrass, this grass can be well grown in full sunlight as it can withstand very high temperatures. It can not withstand much wear and tear and therefore is considered as delicate grass.

3. Fine Fescue

This is the grass for colder seasons. It has a beautiful texture and grows quite well in the shade. Although it can produce well in darkness, it does require some sunlight for growth.

4. Kentucky Bluegrass

This cool season grass has initially been a native of Europe. It is a sod-forming and perennial grass and is, therefore, the first choice for many lawns. This grass has peculiar characteristics of folded leaves and can be identified by this feature. With dark to solid green color and medium texture, this grass looks beautiful.

5. Ryegrass

This  grass is grows in areas that have moderate temperatures. It is highly resistant to pests and wears and tear and therefore is best suited for places with high foot traffic. Their shiny and smooth blade provide peculiar characteristics to them.

6. Tall Fescue

This cool season grass can be grown in areas that are entirely sunny or shady. It is highly durable and is known for its tolerance to drought and heat. It is can also withstand a lot of wear and tear. This grass takes a lot of water to grow properly. This is because it has an extensive root system as compared to any other cool season grass.

While selecting the types of turf for your lawn, you should choose the one based on factors like temperature, water availability, sunlight, etc.

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