What is Mulch and, why is it needed?

What is Mulch and, why is it needed?

What is Mulch?

If you want your plants to be healthy and totally weed-free, then you should know everything about mulch. Mulch is one of the most important ways to keep your plantshealthy. Mulch is a material applied to the soil surface for protection and nourishment. Mulch is basically nature’s way of taking care of plants and trees in its own way. All the fallen leaves, pieces of barks, fallen flowers and everything that falls off the plant or tree gets converted into mulch automatically.

It is basically a 2 to 4-inch layer of plant residue that covers the top of the soil in the garden or in pots during spring season. In all other seasons, it is added to the soil. Mulch should completely cover the soil but take not, that it should not touch the stem of plants or tree trunks.

Why Mulch is important for the healthy growth of plants?

The way we put the lid on food to keep them from dust, insects and impurities, mulch works the same way for plants and trees. Let’s jog through the benefits of mulch.

In summer, it is a difficult task to keep plants well moisturized, as water evaporates comparatively fast, if mulch is applied correctly, it will prevent the loss of water from the soil.

As it is organic, it provides rich slow-release nutrients and keeps the plants from losing essential vitamins.

The organic and biodegradable matter helps make your garden healthier and plants become more resistant towards insects, pest and disease.

Delicate seedlings do not get exposed to the direct sun and hence they flourish safely without getting damaged in their early stages of growth.

Moist soil invites earthworms and other beneficial micro-organisms, that help in increasing biological activity in soil.

Time and water spent on watering the plants reduce as the soil will be moist for a longer time.

It keeps the soil cool in summers and warm in winters, so mulch even works as a great insulator by regulating soil temperature.

As it decomposes, it improves soil drainage and structure.

It turns out to be a natural barrier to stop weeds from growing and crippling plants by absorbing all the nutrients. When the sunlight is blocked it keeps the weed from growing.

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