Which Sand Types To Choose for Your Landscape?

Which Sand Types To Choose for Your Landscape?

Behind any beautiful landscape, the sand plays a vital role. This is because the growth and the healthy environment for the flora and fauna depend upon the quality of the soil which is used in it. This makes it necessary for one to keep a thorough check on the quality and the type of sand which is used in their landscape.

 Anyone who is having a landscape in their house wants it to look as beautiful as possible. Having a shabby looking backyard can ruin the whole look of their house. This is why it is important for one to take care of landscape.

 This brings us back to sand. As all of the factors which keeps a landscape healthy depends on the quality and the type of sand. For this, one needs to understand the various types of sands and their distinct characteristics so that they can use the most appropriate one for themselves.

 Let us discuss the various types of sands available in the market below-

 Yellow BrickLaying sand– This type of sand is used for the purpose of bricklaying or block laying. Mostly, it is used as a motor for laying bricks, it is also widely used by builders and Landscapers, Other uses involve the rendering of walls, bedding under pool liners, or mixed with cement for a gold finish. There are many companies providing the best sand supplies from which one can buy from.

 Crusher Dust- This type is considered as a fine and compact base material, which is very much ideal for artificial grass and it can be also used for underwater tank base. This sand has the tendency of getting compact tightly which makes it a perfect base for pavers.

 Fly Ash- This type of sand has a lot of various uses. This can be used as a perfect alternative of sand as it has a lot of beneficial properties. This can be used as a great landfill sand as well. Mostly this is used in the construction work for building and other infrastructures. The sand supplies can provide you with the best quality of fly ash if you require any.

 Nepean River Sand- This falls under the category of coarse Sand. It is commonly used as the base whenever the compaction is required, such as under pavers and retaining walls. This sand can be used very well in the making of propagation mix too.

 White Bricklaying Sand– Pure white brickies sand has a much higher clay content than Sydney or river sands. Since the sand is pure white, it is ideal for mixing with white cement to create white mortar joints. It is very much ideal to be used for mixing with mortar for any bricklaying job. This sand is also known as white bush sand. One can get the sand supplies easily at the most reasonable prices.

 Sydney Sand- This is a fine quality sand which is cleaned of impurities and is especially suitable for a sandpit or sandbox. Apart from being smooth and soft, there are many other practical uses for washed beach sands as well. For example, it is extremely good as a component in concrete bedding for under tiles and in render mixes, or to sweep as a joint fill between pavers.

 These are the types of soils which one should keep in mind before making the final choice of buying it for their landscape. So it is important for one to understand their landscape first and then choose the most appropriate type of sand for it. 

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