Useful Tips Of Putting Mulch Around Your Trees

Mulching is the most beneficial practice homeowners can do to maintain the health of trees. Mulches are organic and inorganic materials placed over the soil near the trees to retain and maintain moisture and improve the soil’s condition.

However, an improper mulching practice may have a little or negative impact on the health of trees.

Let’s check some benefits of proper mulching-

  • Reduces soil’s moisture loss through evaporation

  • Helps control growth and germination of weeds

  • Insulates soil and protects roots from summer and winter temperatures

  • Helps improve soil fertility

  • Improves soil biology, aeration, and drainage over time

  • Protects trees from diseases

  • Reduces the chances of tree damage

  • Gives the landscape a uniform look

To make your urban landscape look complete, putting mulch around trees can help you make your lawn or garden appear uniform, weed-free, attractive, and maintain soil moisture.

We have come up with Dos and Don’ts that need to be considered while mulching you plant


Spreading the mulch: Spread the mulch evenly. Circle out till the tree’s drip line. Level the mulch after you have done the spreading.


Avoid over mulching: Over mulching would do more harm than helping the trees. Over mulching creates a breeding ground for harmful germs and insects.


Level the mulch: Bring the mulch level to the ground level. The ground levelled mulch will help the tree to reap the benefits while preventing infestations, infections, and diseases. Note: Incorrect level of mulch can invite infections.

Don’t: Ensure you do not forget to level the mulch resembling a natural setting for the trees. Do not put the layer of organic mulch more than 4 inches. The ideal layer height is 2-4 inches (5 to 10 cm).


Tree trunk soil level: Ensure to maintain existing soil level at the trunk. If you wish to raise the planting bed and fill it with sand, consider forming an inside border one to two feet away from the tree trunk.


Dig out existing grass before adding soil, if you are going to make a garden bed. Don’t leave the grass near the bed. It will decompose and block water and oxygen to the tree.

The above tips will help you put the right amount of mulch around your trees. To help you maintain the trees and the mulch level, here are a couple of points.

  1. Mulch acts as a barrier for weeds and grass. Pull out weeds or grass to prevent their growth. Use a herbicide, a chemical weed killer.

  2. Scrape or loosen the mulch at regular intervals. Compacted or packed down mulch prevents oxygen from passing through.

  3. Replenish the mulch around the trees once a year.

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