5 Types of Turf and Their Qualities

5 Types of Turf and Their Qualities

Turf is utilized in a number of different settings. With genetic modification, a variety of turfs are now available. Turf supplies in the Northern Beaches, North Shore Sydney are readily available and this article can help you choose the right turf. In this blog, I will be describing 5 types of turfs and their qualities.

1. Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter Premium lawn turf is a variation of Buffalo/St. Augustine grass. This grass was first developed in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. This grass is very durable and it can endure even the harshest of weather. It gets this tough quality from its predecessor, the buffalo grass. However, unlike its predecessor, it is very smooth. One quality that makes it highly popular is its ability to maintain color during winter as well as its high resilience. This grass has numerous positive characteristics, such as drought tolerance, pest resistance, disease resistance, sun tolerant, shade tolerant, self-repairing, weed resistant, and so on. Due to all these properties, this form of grass can be found abundantly and is recommend in turf supplies of Northern Beaches.

2. Bahama Grass/Wiregrass

This grass originated in the Middle East but has reached in various parts of the world. They are grey-green in colour and often have a purple tinge on them. Their height can range from 2 to 15 cm and their stem length can range from 1 to 30 cm. This form of grass has a deep root system, which allows it to thrive even in drought conditions. Due to this drought and heat resistance property, this grass is highly popular in regions that have a warm climate. Another reason that makes this grass popular is its density. Since this grass form roots wherever its nodes touch the ground, it gains high-density in very short period of time.

3. Kikuyu Grass

This lawn gets propagated extremely easily, which makes it highly suitable for areas that are in immediate need of turf. The low cost of this grass combined with its useful properties like self-repair, high growth, etc. makes it one of the most popular turf supplies in North Shore and Northern Beaches. The self-repair property of this grass makes it very suitable for usage in high-traffic areas.

4. Matilda Buffalo Grass

Matilda buffalo grass is a highly soft variety of the buffalo grass. The stem of this grass is very thin and the leaves have a narrow width. These physical characteristics contribute to the softness of this grass. Other than softness, it is famous for its other qualities, such as the ability to retain colour in winter, sun and shade tolerance, etc.

5. Couch Grass

This form of grass has gained huge popularity in Australia as it has the resilience to withstand the hot weather conditions. This grass grows beautifully in sun, however, this property makes this grass ungrowable in high-shade areas.

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