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When is the best time of year to lay turf? Late Winter or Early Spring, once the winter frosts have finished. Spring gives a great time for the turf to flourish. There should be immense availability of water at the same time. Choosing the right time for a lawn is very important for its fast growth and good quality. Ace landscapes provides you a large range and supply of lawn and turf. Landscape suppliers offer turf for diverse needs like domestic use, landscapers / gardeners, sports fields, parkland, offices and many more areas. Ace Landscape’s supplier will offer you a good quality of turf and the team of experts who will help you with the laying part. They will suggest the best time for laying turf and offer the accurate services to help you lay your turf efficiently.
How do I choose the right turf? Ace Landscapes & Turf Supplies provides you a multitude of turf varieties to choose from. The factors that are out of your control could cut your options down to one. All varieties could remain on the table for you, leaving you to agonise over which shade of green you prefer. You can choose a turf best suited to your needs like shade, tolerance , wear and tear, mowing requirements, Appearance (leaf structure / shades of green) & the size of the turf. Check out our turf page for full descriptions and characteristics and don’t hesitate to contact the team at Ace Landscapes & Turf Supplies.
Which turf looks the best? Sir Walter, Sapphire, Matilda, Palmetto, Shademaster, ST91 & ST85 to choose from.

Sir Walter is easy on the eye and stays green all year round. It is a traditional broad leaf, dark green.
• Sapphire is a deep green, miniature leaf. It has a broad leaf but has the appearance of a miniature buffalo when mature because the leaf folds itself. In terms of colour, sapphire has a slightly blue hue, but in most cases Sapphire lawn will have a deep green appearance.
• Matilda Buffalo is a Deep green, miniature leaf.
• Palmetto is Dark green, traditional broad leaf.
• Shademaster is a Traditional broad leaf.
• ST91 & ST85 Buffalo is a Miniature leaf.
What are the different types of turf? Sir Walter, Sapphire, Matilda, Palmetto, Shademaster, ST91 & ST85 to choose from.

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf: Sir Walter raised the bar for the rest of the turf industry. Soft underfoot but hardwearing, with a minimum of maintenance & easy on the eye and stays green all year round.
Sapphire Buffalo Turf: If you want a hard-wearing turf that handles up to 70 percent shade with a thinner leaf and deep green appearance, Sapphire is a very solid choice. Sapphire really has no weaknesses.
Matilda Buffalo Turf: Matilda is a hard wearing, suitable for areas that receive medium-to-high levels of traffic. It falls on the faster side in terms of growth. If living in full sun in the warmer months it may need a trim every 10 days.
Palmetto Buffalo Turf: Palmetto is hard wearing and stays green in winter. It can handle 50 percent shade and looks great with a minimum of maintenance & needs approximately 4-to-5 hours of direct sunlight on an average day.
Shademaster Buffalo Turf: Shademaster is the original soft leaf buffalo. It’s the hardest-wearing buffalo which can handle 50 percent shade and can turn a purple tinge in the colder months.
ST91 Buffalo Turf: ST91 is the most shade-resistant buffalo and the best shade grass on the market. It is relatively hard wearing, fungus resistant and looks great. If you need a high-shade turf and/or like a miniature leaf buffalo.
ST85 Buffalo Turf: If you prefer a broad leaf then ST91 might not be for you. It can also turn purple in the colder months. ST85 buffalo boasts the same features as ST91 but is only 85 percent shade tolerant.

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