Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Need genuine quality Sir Walter Buffalo Turf?

Designed to sustain the harsh Australian climate, we offer DNA certified Sir Walter Buffalo grass in Sydney. Vibrant, luscious, and soft textured, our buffalo turf is the perfect choice for both residential and commercial projects. Whether you want a lush lawn where your pets and kids can play without worrying about pollen or need an aesthetically appealing lawn to impress visitors, Sir Walter Buffalo turf is the best choice.

What Makes Sir Walter Buffalo the most wanted turf grass in Sydney

Sir Walter Buffalo turf offers features galore. These include:

  • Beautiful texture

  • Great overall performance

  • Easy to maintain

  • Weather resistant- Can survive both the sun and shade

  • Excellent resistance to weeds and pests

  • Protects against pollens

  • Self-repairs itself in case of damage

  • Has low fertilization needs

In short, Sir Walter Buffalo turf allows you to enjoy a beautiful lawn without any hard work.

Why buy from Ace Landscapes:

At Ace Landscapes, our turf supplies including Sir Walter Buffalo are procured from the choicest suppliers who offer quality and value. Since our Sir Walter Buffalo turf is DNA certified, you can rest assured of getting genuine quality for your lawn.

Our Sir Walter Turf prices  are competitive, giving you the best value for money. Plus, we offer pickup and delivery services within 7 days to give you a seamless turf buying experience.

Thinking of buying buffalo turf in Sydney? Call Ace Landscapes today!

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