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Ace Firewood is a leading and recognised seller of Firewood and Heating related products.

 Firewood (All year round)



Firewood Supplies North Shore & Northern Beaches Queensland Ironbark A premium firewood that burns the longest and hottest. Leaves very little ash. $290.00/m³ or $460.00/tonne
Mixed Hardwood A mixture of NSW hardwood timbers that are easier to light and burn consistently. $240.00/m³ or $380.00/tonne
Pizza Cut / Small Firewood Small pieces of ironbark firewood that have been double split. Excellent for pizza ovens/slow combustion fire places. $340.00/m³ or $540.00/tonne
Kindling Fast burning kindling.  $16.50/bag
Kindling (Hardwood) Slower burning kindling.  $22.00/bag
Fire Starters
Stacking Service Our stacking service is currently unavailable.

Firewood can be sold per cubic metre or per tonne with a weight docket on request. If you’re looking to buy firewood you have come to the right place. We have stacks and stacks of dry, long burning firewood to make your home cosy in winter. What’s better than the warmth, smell, sound and ambience of firewood burning in your home!

Please contact our friendly staff for advice.  Our firewood is available for pick up or delivery 7 days – charges apply.


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