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We stock and supply a range of soils to Sydney, North Shore, and Northern Beaches, to suit all landscaping requirements. We offer a broad range of landscaping soil including underlay soil, turf underlay, top dressing, vegetable soil mixture, etc. at Sydney, North Shore, and Northern Beaches.

Budget Turf Underlay (80/20)

Composition: 80% Sand, 20% Organic Soil

A budget soil mix for underneath turf.

Price: $59.00 cubic metre

Organic Turf Grow / Underlay Soil

Composition:  60% premium underlay, 40% ash

A fertilised underlay with high soil content.

Price: $69.00 cubic metre

Premium Organic Top Dressing

Composition: Black soil, blasted river sand, fowl manure

A fully screened top soil mix ideal for use as a turf underlay or turf topsoil. The sand content can be increased upon request to increase drainage capacity. The fowl manure content provides an excellent initial boost for new or old lawns. Ideal for Top Dressing Lawns in Spring

Price: $89.00 per cubic metre

Premium Organic Garden Mix

Composition: Black soil, washed river sand, composted bark fines, composted eucy mulch, composted duck fines

The best garden mix on the market! A premium general purposed Garden Mix suitable for all garden mix applications. This product can be used for natives as well as exotic plants. Excellent drainage capacity allows for the provision of excellent nutrition for new and old plants.

Price: $85.00 per cubic metre

Organic Garden Mix

General purpose fully recycled garden mix. good for general landscaping and garden application.

Price: $69.00.00 per cubic metre

Soil Conditioner

Composition: Milled pine bark, composted cow manure, composted duck litter, composted mushroom compost

An environmentally friendly fully organic soil improver that utilizes a special blend of materials to re-generate old, dry and tired garden beds. An Ideal mixture for poorest of soils. Simply mix this product with existing soil.

Price: $110.00 per cubic metre

Vegetable Soil Mixture

A premium screened blend appropriate conditions for growing vegetables. Mixture of premium garden mix and soil conditioner.

Price: $99.00 cubic metre

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