5 Useful Tips for Landscaping a New Home

5 Useful Tips for Landscaping a New Home

Well landscaped gardens have an unusual calming and appealing feel. Properly maintained gardens not only contribute to beautify the exterior of your home but also allow you to connect with nature. To know how to efficiently landscape your new construction home just continue reading. We are sure that you’ll get your Mulch Suppliesfor your gardenas soon as you’re done reading this!

Always hardscape before landscape

A common mistake for newly constructed homes is to start planting before considering hardscapes. All requirements such as driveways, patios, decks, fences, outdoor lighting and the like ought to be completed first. Once you’re sure that you’re satisfied with the outdoor hardscape, only then should you proceed to select plants or flowers for your garden.

Think before planting

You will of course think how beautiful that cute little tree would look or how welcoming that shrub will be, but how about thinking long term as well? It’s important to think how big a tree or shrub will be in the next five years (at least!). Make sure to give plants their own personal space, avoid planting them too close to your house. A good idea is to plant at least two feet away from your house’s foundation. This way when the roots grow out you can rest assured that they won’t affect your home’s ground foundation.

Having a solid plan is crucial

Don’t rush into beautifying your home’s immediate outdoors. Give it time, devotion and a lot of energy. Have a proper long-term plan before getting your mulch suppliesto avoid over planting or choosing plants that can’t grow in shaded areas. While you’re planning it’s important that you consider the weather conditions of your region along with the dimensions of your yard. Keep a note of where the water source is, which is the perfect spot for relaxing in the afternoon sun etc. These questions will greatly help you plan a brilliant yard that your neighbors will appreciate and kids will thoroughly enjoy playing in.

Don’t forget to aerate the soil

There are high chances that the soil has lost its natural texture due to the dust and rubble that’s left from heavy construction equipment. We all know that a healthy soil is a must for any plant’s proper nourishment. Therefore, aerate the soil which essentially means perforating it with small holes to let air, water and necessary nutrients to penetrate till the grass root levels. This can be done during the fertilizing process or reseeding time.

Follow these tips and we’re sure that your newly constructed home will have an amazing landscape. What are you waiting for? Buy landscaping, mulch, turf and other supplies for your garden area from Acelandscapes.com.au.

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