6 Secrets to Build Healthy Soil for Your Garden

6 Secrets to Build Healthy Soil for Your Garden

Healthy soil has a good texture and excellent nutrient quality. There are various Soil Suppliers, where you can find the best soil suitable for your garden. Professional soil suppliers will also guide you about the how to build healthy soil.

Make your garden Eco-friendly by using organic manure for your soil rather than adding toxic chemicals. A chemical free soil is safe. Healthy lawns can be built on safe soil. Good quality soil can resist weeds, so there’s no need to use toxic poisons. You should make your soil chemical free for your own health, as well as the plants and animals in your garden.

1. Avoid Digging of Soil

Avoid digging of soil as it can disturb the soil texture and also harm the dormant weed seeds as well as organisms living in the soil that can make the soil healthy. Avoid using spade, instead you can use a gentle garden fork to aerate your garden bed. This will avoid damaging your soil and improve the soil structure. Also, avoid compacting soggy soil after rain. All these things will help to save your soil from damage.

2. Add organic matter

You can make your soil fertile by adding organic matter like manures, cover crops, compost and mulch. You can add other organic matter like kitchen food scraps, grass clippings, leaves, seedless weeds, pruned branches,  coffee grinds, and disease-free plant material to make your soil more fertile in an Eco-friendly way. You can also feed your soil with vermicast to make your soil fertile in a natural way.

3. Keep soil covered

Cover the soil to protect it from external factors. Cover your soil with mulch or a living ground cover. Use leaves, dried grass clippings, hay, woody bark chips, etc. or green manure to stop weeds from growing. Providing a cover to the soil helps to prevent moisture from evaporating and offers a healthy environment for plants and soil.

4. Maintaining soil moisture

Healthy plants cannot be grown in dry soil. Dry soil becomes infertile and dead and so it is not good for plant growth. Moisturizing the soil is important as moisture can hold air and nutrients essential for plant growth. Plants need moisture to survive, so they can thrive in moist soil only. Maintaining soil moisture is significant to a healthy soil. Keep watering your soil regularly to keep it healthy. Aim for a moist soil to make it healthy and suitable for plant growth. Moist soil also has a good pH important for soil health and plant growth.

5.  Whack the weeds: Weeds can destroy the soil quality, so you should regularly whack the weeds to keep it fertile and safe. Removing the weeds will keep the soil healthy and allow plant growth. It is important to keep the soil healthy for healthy plant growth.

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