How To Build And Improve Your Raised Bed Garden Soil

How To Build And Improve Your Raised Bed Garden Soil

It’s an auxiliary gardening activity that you can do to improve the cultivation and growth of certain types of plants. A raised garden bed involves formation of soil in a special three to four feet wide beds which can be of any length or shape. The soil in the raised beds is almost two feet high than the surrounding soil. The bed can be formed with concrete blocks, wood or rock. To enhance the growth of plants in raised garden beds, you can add different soil types according to the plants that you have sown.

It’s easy a bit of task to complete and ensures better quality of the plants that are grown in the raised bed which are free from weeds. It is more comfortable to do this type of gardening instead of the traditional gardening as it offers a good range of benefits like low weed content, high growth rate, better mineral value in soil, improved drainage facility and growth factors.

1. Don’t make the bed too big to be handled or out of reach of the sun. Generally raised garden bed is made two to three feet wide with just about enough space between two beds so that the leaves of the plants can touch each other. Make sure that the size of the raised garden bed is enough to receive adequate sunlight.

2. Make sure the soil is of the highest quality. It is always annoying when your gardening fails due to poor soil quality and low mineral content. You can hire soil supplier to get the best quality soil. Remember to remove weeds periodically to help soil hold better for growth of the plants.

3. Ensure proper drainage to avoid loss. The most advanced studies show that most of the growth of plants is affected due to improper drainage system. So, maintain a proper sprinkler system and make provision for drainage of excess water which might otherwise affect the quality of plants.

4. Use soil supplements. It is a solution to many problems you are facing with your raised garden beds. You can add organic mixture to increase the soil quality and green sand addition will help in reducing the water content in the soil.

Properly maintained gardens always give a better result and offer healthy plants which are much better than those offered by normal gardening. You can build your own raised garden bed at the backyard of your house with simple techniques. Use a wooden stake to support the border of each block and leave adequate space along the ground for the growth of roots. The main parts is to ensure that the soil used is of good quality. You can avail expert services for soil supplies in North Shore and make sure your raised garden beds are able to get the best quality soil.

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