Quick Tips to Help You Choose The Right Firewood For Your House

Quick Tips to Help You Choose The Right Firewood For Your House

Since the invention of fire, wood has been the primary source of fuel — be it for inside the household or outdoors. That’s because wood is cheap and naturally available. Firewood, in particular, serves many purposes. It keeps us warm during the winter season and is the perfect fuel for our outdoor barbeque parties. The only limitation of wood, however, is the production of smoke when it burns. This happens especially when the wood contains a lot of moisture because it has not dried properly. Despite this, completely dry firewood is quite efficient and makes for a cheap source of energy and heat during winter.

Though they burn, not all types of wood can be used as firewood. For a block of wood to be used as firewood, it needs to be hard and completely dry. The most common variety of firewood found in Australia is River Red Gum.

Today, the market is flooded with different types of firewood. Thus, buying the most suitable variety requires an in-depth analysis. It is important to find the right wood — one that is not damp or moist and burns properly. Also, your choice would depend on the amount of heat you need. So, let us check the significant points suggested by our expert firewood supplies in Northern Beaches, to find the right variety of firewood for your home.

Examine the firewood
As there are several types of firewood available, you have the opportunity to try and test different varieties to understand the features of each wood, and whether they will fit your individual needs or not. The type you select has to be available regionally and locally so that you can easily procure it during the most needed months of the year. With some research, you can find which varieties of firewood meet these criteria and whether there would be a regular supply of wood even during the coldest months of winter. Usually, local wood ensures easy availability and efficient supply to consumers. So, always procure local firewood supplies from the store.

Use Engineered firewood
You can take this initiative to decrease environmental waste and become more eco-friendly. When wood burns, it creates a lot of smoke and fills your home with unwanted pollutants, causing difficulty in breathing. Engineered wood or machine-made wood is a radical solution to this recurring problem. It will not only reduce smoke but will also significantly reduce the production of environmental waste.

Engineered wood is a composite of sawdust and wood shavings which are compressed together to form a log. Thus, there is no room for moisture. As a result, engineered wood creates more heat and energy in comparison to regular wood. Also, the wood combusts itself completely, greatly reducing the production of residue and smoke. Ideally, machine-made logs are dense in their characteristics. So, you don’t need more than one to generate the required heat. Also, its uniform and compact shape make it easy to transport anywhere.

How to select the right firewood

Find the right size: Pick the correct size so that it fits your barbeque and fireplace. Too big or too small pieces of wood from firewood supplies will not serve your purpose. And, you will also have to resize them to fit into your needs.

● Check the wood colour: Ideally, greyish wood is considered old and completely dry, and they are the most suitable type for burning. The other varieties of wood are generally different tones of brown because of the presence of moisture.

● Hold it once before zeroing: Pick up a log in your hand and observe it closely. It must feel light and greyish. If it feels heavy, then there is dampness in the wood which would generate unnecessary smoke while burning.

● Examine the texture: Observe the texture of the wood. Do you see any splits on the edges? If the log’s edges have splittings or you hear a hollow noise when you strike two logs together, it suggests that the log is completely dry and unquestionably perfect for household use.

● Check the bark: It is difficult to remove the bark of a wood which has high moisture content. If the bark falls out easily on holding the wood or if you find the bark missing, then it is ideal for burning.

So, look into these aspects the next time you go out to procure firewood for winters. If you are still facing any difficulty in getting the right type of firewood, you can find excellent firewood supplies in the North Shore at Ace Landscapes & Turf Supplies.

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