A Complete Guide To Maintain Your Turf Perfectly

A Complete Guide To Maintain Your Turf Perfectly

The green tone of a full lawn is naturally very relaxing for our eyes. Moreover, creating a natural green turf in your terrace or your backyard provides an aesthetic appeal to your house. Plus, it is a delight for the eyes of people who perceive it. A natural green turf has far more advantages than just providing aesthetic beauty. However, maintaining one requires extensive attention, planning and hard work to stop the moles and worms from destroying your brilliant masterpiece. That’s why many people invest in high-quality turf supplies to create a gorgeous landscape in their homes.

You can choose from different turf varieties such as wintergreen couch, Kikuyu turf, Kenda Kikuyu, Green Kikuyu, Empire Zoysia, Soft-leaf Grass, Palmetto Grass and Matilda lawn. Irrespective of the option you choose for your yard, the maintenance process for all the varieties stays the same. So, let us check out the complete guide to help you maintain your turf perfectly with the help of turf supplies in Sydney.


It is important to mow your turf regularly to maintain its uniformity and prevent the overgrowth of grass. Mowing gives a neat and structured look to your turf. Plus, it will help you sharpen the edges and maintain a proper length of the grass. Ideally, mowing needs to be done once every week to ensure that your turf is neat and structured. During the spring season, you can mow the lawn once every two weeks.


Over time, grass and soil creep into the adjoining areas making the lawn look unstructured and unkempt. As the name suggests, edging gives a proper boundary and distinction to your turf. It is usually the finishing touch to a perfect mowing. Edging your turf is as important as mowing it. So, invest in a good trimmer from turf supplies to create attractive and pristine boundaries in your garden. Use the trimmer once every week or as per the recommendations.


Moss is a minute flowerless plant that grows excessively in a shady and damp area. They produce spores instead of flowers to reproduce and can expand exponentially. If left unchecked, they can destroy the look of your garden. Thus, you should prevent moss from overtaking your lawn. The effective ways in which you can get rid of moss with the help of landscape supplies in Sydney include:

  • Add lime to lower the acidity levels in the soil.
  • Damp areas are a breeding ground for moss. So, improve the drainage system of your lawn to drain stagnant water effectively and reduce the moisture content.
  • Add fertilizers that prevent the growth of moss.
  • Avoid overwatering the turf. Excess water creates moisture which leads to a build-up of moss.
  • With the help of landscape supplies, periodically take out the dead moss once they turn yellow or brown.

Lawn thatching

Thatches are dead leaves and other plant matter that accumulate around the base of the grass. Over time, they render an untidy appearance to the turf and should be removed regularly. The process of removing these dead leaves and plant matter is called thatching. You can clean thatch in effective ways, as mentioned below:

  • Use a rake to remove thick layers of thatch
  • Use thatch removal machine or hands
  • Use a leaf rake for removing all the dead leaves and plants, and
  • Water the lawn regularly with the help of turf supplies to promote plant growth


We all are fed up with these small creatures that live beneath the ground, digging and tunnelling their way for food. Even though they eat insects, bugs and not plant roots, they can destroy your entire garden if not managed in time. Some effective ways to prevent moles are as mentioned below:

  • You can use bait or poison — Zinc Phosphide and Warfarin. However, carefully go through the instructions before applying them on the turf.
  • Enhance the drainage system with the help of turf supplies in North Shore, so that the soil is not soft and damp, which is favourable for digging and tunnelling.
  • Create physical barriers.
  • If things go beyond your control, then hire a professional exterminator to exterminate moles.

With these simple tips, you can maintain and keep your turf in optimum condition. Creating a beautiful lawn takes immense planning and effort and maintaining it requires double the attention and hard work. So before you embark on this elaborate project, make sure you have the time to commit to creating a beautiful lawn in your front yard. And once you have set your mind to it, make sure to get the right turf supplies in Northern Beaches from Ace Landscapes.

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